Adopt an Evangelist

  1. What does adopting an evangelist mean?

    Adopting an evangelist is a practical way for you to help reach an unengaged/unreached people group with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

    • You supply the resources we so greatly need: prayer, financial support and encouragement (visits to the field are welcomed).  We supply what most individuals/churches lack: the infrastructure, strategy and insight into the culture to effectively reach the unengaged/unreached people.
    • By adopting an evangelist, you are committing to prayerfully and financially support ($50/month) one of our nationally trained evangelists for a 7 year period.  At that time, the evangelist is expected to be 100% financially supported through the indigenous church(es) he has established.
    • Your commitment of $50/month is 100% of the evangelist’s salary.  Thus, you will be his sole financial supporter.  As a result, you will receive quarterly updates from your evangelist.

    Ready to adopt an evangelist?

    If you are ready to adopt an evangelist, click on the Evangelist Adoption Form below.

    Once we receive notification of your adoption and your first month’s donation, we will send you an adoption certificate in the mail.  We will also send you login information to a secured website where you can check for quarterly updates of your adopted evangelist.


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